Trey R. Barker

Trey R. Barker’s writing comes straight from the streets he patrols as a county deputy. From drugs to fraud, sex abuse to bar fights, much of what he deals with during the day goes into the stories he writes at night. His ‘clients’ provide him with a never-ending well of inspiration and material. He first began writing in 8th grade algebra when he realized he was going to fail that class miserably. So rather than fight a losing battle, he started writing. He spent many years as a journalist before getting into law enforcement, and still occasionally blogs non-fiction in between writing short stories and novels. Barker also teaches cops how to write reports at the Police Training Institute at the University of Illinois and is the crisis negotiator for the Illinois Valley Special Response Team.

The Barefield series is a loosely linked pile of novels set in and around Barker’s beloved west Texas. Even he admits the connective tissue is a gimmick, but it’s one he has fun with so what the hell…. His literary inspiration comes from across the gamut, from Peter Straub to James Lee Burke, Sean Doolittle to Allan Guthrie, George Pelecanos to the incredibly obscure Georgia regionalist Will N. Harben.

Barker’s most recent books are his collection of dark crime stories, ‘Remembrance and Regrets,’ and a collection of the blog posts surrounding his battle with cancer, ‘The Cancer Chronicles.’ Both can be found at

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