The Perpetrators

By Gary Phillips

Available for: Kindle | Nook


With the clock ticking, the story jumps off in the border town of Tijuana, Mexico. A smooth cat who labels himself an expeditor must survive a gauntlet of hitters and freaks to deliver his client alive to their destination. She’s a high maintenance drug queen who’s made a deal with the top cop in California’s state capitol, Sacramento. By all means of transportation and dodging devastation, and busting some heads themselves, the two make their way north while behind-the-scenes machinations go down. Battered but not out, our man completes his assignment only to find out all ain’t what it seems–but then, he’s not getting two million just to look good. And handling fools, no matter how they trip, comes with the territory.


“This book opens with a knife fight, which is a really great lead into the gunfight that follows. This is very typical of the pacing in this book. It screams Quentin Tarrintino. It’s like Desperado meets the original Shaft. From beginning to end, it’s “Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am”. Marley is the ultimate bad ass. His job? It depends who’s paying. This time it involves getting a drug cartel leader’s daughter to a meeting with the state attorney general. Her Father is dead, and she’s in charge, but Lina Guzman doesn’t really want to be there. This could be her way out. But there are plenty of people who would rather she were out permanently. And so, as she and Marley shoot their way from Tijauna to Sacramento we ride along with them, out of breath and waiting to see what happens next.” —Jon Jordan, Crime Spree Magazine

“Gary Phillips cuts right to the chase–literally–in The Perpetrators. There’s no buildup; you’re dropped right into the middle of a running battle as “expediter” named Marley strives to get the daughter of a deceased drug kingpin from Tijuana to Sacramento for a payoff of a million dollars. Opposing them are some bizarre hitters, including a pair of sadistic wannabe vampires and a trio of gun wielding females who have their own history with our smooth, sharp-dressed hero. Don’t expect a lot of deep meaning or character development. Do expect a whole lot of fun.” —J.D. Rhodes, bestselling author of the Jake Keller series

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