Scoundrels: Tales of Greed, Murder and Financial Crimes

Edited by Gary Phillips

Available for: Kindle | Nook

Trade Paperback: Amazon TP | B&N TP | IndieBound


In Scoundrels, an all-original anthology featuring bestselling and Edgar and Shamus award-winning writers, you’ll read stories of desperate grifters, brokers hedging big bets for the big take, schemers working the long con for the sure money, used car salesman with golden dreams and rusted hopes, crooked lawyers and bent clients, one percenters hustling for that last half-percent, kind-hearted killers and the lonely hearted who tell themselves any lie as the double down for the long count.

Stories by: Reed Farrel Coleman, David Corbett, Tyler Dilts, Brendan DuBois, Seth Harwood, Darrell James, Gary Phillips, Travis Richardson, SJ Rozan, Kelli Stanley, Eric Stone, Bob Truluck, Lono Waiwaiole and Pamela Samuels Young.


“Much will be made of the timeliness of SCOUNDRELS, and with good reason; these days Enron executives and securities brokers are far scarier than serial killers. But SCOUNDRELS is more than just timely–it’s a great read, a collection of fabulous stories by remarkable authors. Bravo.” —Marcus Sakey, award-winning author of The Two Deaths of Daniel Hays

“How sympathetic can we be to someone who swaps out for a new Rolls every year? There’s not a lot of room in the story or the collection for the finer emotions. It’s not about that. It’s about how how money beckons, how tough it is to resist it, and how most of us don’t measure up to the big dogs who are eating other big dogs. The collection might just make us relieved to be poor.” —Kathleen George, Best Novel Edgar Nominated author of The Odds

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