Pine Box for a Pin-Up

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By Frank De Blase

Available for: Kindle | Nook

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In the grand tradition of the great pulps of the ‘50s comes PINE BOX FOR A PIN-UP.

Frankie Valentine just wanted to take girlie pictures. But a jealous woman, a call girl on the make, a dirty cop, and a cross-dressing judge bent on keeping his secret, plunge Valentine into a world of murder, badger games gone wrong, blackmail, burlesque, and violence…

Also includes GRIFT’N’GRIND a Frankie Valentine short story.


“….this story has it all murder, sex, drugs, rock n roll and cheese cake that is served to sweet but sometimes bitter and I would have it no other way …so if you want dames, broads, Private Dics with an attitude, murder and mayhem , and the feel of seedy back door bar hall well this book is for you…alll I have to say is my days and nights are lonely without you MR FRANKIE VALENTINE so please hurry back to me my dear I will be waiting in my tightest wiggle dress, fishnets and some killer heels just for you.”—Jennifer Fish, via Amazon

“Gritty and Grungy and Hot Rod Cool!”—Jonathan J. Dunbar, via Amazon

“Noir is back. With his debut novel, Frank De Blase has shown a deep understanding of the ’50s noir genre. With shades of Spillane and Hammett, he draws the reader close to a character (Frankie Valentine)…a character who shouldn’t be likable nor rooted for. With side comments and jargon taken from the era, De Blase allows the reader to feel the streets and sense the threats hidden in the shadows. I found the book enjoyable, the plot unique and the main character likeable in spite of himself.”—LnBen, via Amazon

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