Finders Keepers

By David Housewright

Available for: Kindle | Nook

Trade Paperback: Amazon TP | B&N TP | IndieBound


Thirteen-year-old James Richard McNulty has problems. His mother has just divorced his father. His grades are plummeting. Bullies are menacing him on the school bus. The coach is threatening to kick him off the basketball team. And his smart and lovely “girlfriend” thinks he’s gone insane.

Then he finds a suitcase filled with cash – and thinks all his problems are over.

This young adult suspense novel comes from acclaimed author David Housewright.


“…thinking along the lines of C.J. Box, and John Hart. I was impressed enough to go back and purchase his Edgar Award winning first novel Penance. Finders Keepers is solid good writing.” -Robert J. Puglisi,

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