Echo Bay

EchoBayx150ECHO BAY
By Richard Barre

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1940: In driving rain, in darkness, fabled Lake Tahoe steamship CONSTANCE slips beneath the surface of Echo Bay. Present: Shawn Rainey, once-hot Olympic skiing prospect, now living dead end, is thrown both spar and ultimatum—sell the dream of raising CONSTANCE to the town he fled, suspect in his popular brother’s drowning death, or lose his children to forces he himself unleashed.

A desperate Shawn accepts and runs head-on into his past; into hair-trigger ex-pal, Joe Don McCandless, who stands to gain a fortune from raising CONSTANCE. Into Catherine Mulvhill, who vows the ship her father built will sail again over her dead body. Into Arn Tennell, a lawman who banks his grudges until he can burn old debts. Into the citadels of old-lake money and power, secrets as deep and cold as Tahoe itself.

Shawn’s return comes under a darkening cloud of murder and deceit, hatred and betrayal, big money and bad blood. To head off the unthinkable and survive, Shawn must confront not only his own violent past, but battle those hell-bent on destroying him and those he loves.

ECHO BAY, from Shamus Award-winning author Richard Barre, is a millrace of turning pages and ever-rippling tension in the suspense tradition of THE DEEP END.


“Richard Barre writes with lyricism, grace, and heart, and an authentic tough edge. He is among the very best crime fiction novelists working today.”— George Pelecanos, author and producer

“A Richard Barre novel is always cause for celebration, and this one is his best yet! Action, suspense, heartache, and some of the best writing in the business, Barre delivers once again. ECHO BAY is as good as it gets, from one of the best writers in crime fiction today.”— Steve Hamilton, author of Blood is the Sky and North of Nowhere

“Richard Barre is a writer’s writer, someone long prized by his peers, but he deserves the widest audience possible. In the same way that his characters are seduced and undone by their dreams, Barre’s readers are lured into stories that we fear might break our hearts. But once Barre casts his spell, there is simply no turning back.”— Laura Lippman, author of Every Secret Thing and The Last Place

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