Down & Out Books Marketing Guidelines

Use of the Down & Out Books Logo

Two versions of the Down & Out Books logo exist, one with a dark “&” and “BOOKS” and one with a light “&” and “BOOKS”. These are the only two approved versions of the logo that may be used in marketing materials or on book covers that are printed in color. (For black and white media, grayscale versions may be used.)

Logo Black

PNG: 600x300px | 540x270pxDownload ZIP

Logo Black

PNG (without dark background): 600x300px | 540x270px — Download ZIP

The logo has a height:width ratio of 1:2, that is it is twice as wide as it is high. In use, the logo must maintain this ratio at all times; it may not be stretched, distorted, or transformed in any way.

Care should be taken that there be sufficient contrast between the background and the placement of the logo. Areas that are largely red or orange are not appropriate for logo placement.

The following discussion is specific to book covers.

For trade paperbacks, the logo is present on the back cover and the spine. For ebooks, the logo is present on the cover. Consideration should be taken when designing a cover that a logo will be placed on it.

During the design process, front covers should be submitted for consideration both with and without the logo.

Upon cover design approval, upload the layered PSD file to your folder on the Down & Out Books shared drive. All logos should be in their own layers. Also submit any fonts used to create the cover.

Trade Paperbacks (5½” x 8½”): Use only the 600x300px version of the logo for the back cover.

Logo Image eBook

On the back covers of trade paperbacks, a barcode will be automatically added to the lower right of the cover. The logo must be placed in the lower left between 150px and 170px from the left and bottom edges of the cover.

Logo Image TP Spine

The size of the logo on the spine of trade paperbacks will be determined by the width of the spine. The logo must be placed on the lower edge of the spine and sized to fit within 65-75% of the spine width. That is, if the spine is 240px wide, a 340x170px logo would be appropriate to use. It should be placed approximately 30% of the height (in pixels) above the bottom of the spine.

eBooks (1800x2700px): Use only the 540x270px version of the logo for the cover.

Logo Image eBook

On the cover of ebooks, the logo may be placed anywhere as long as it is at least 30px from any edge.

It is an important design consideration that the background where the logo is placed is not comprised largely of red or orange colors, as this will not provide sufficient contrast.