Crimespree Magazine #7 and 8

Edited by Jon Jordan and Ruth Jordan

Available for: Kindle | Nook


Issues 7 and 8 of Crimespree Magazine (Jul/Aug 2005 and Sep/Oct 2005) are bundled together as an eBook. J.A. Konrath interviews Barry Eisler for the cover feature of issue 7. Two individuals shared the cover feature of issue 8. They are Michael Connelly and William Kent Krueger.

Issue 7s includes articles an interview of David Bowker by Jennifer Jordan, Adrian Milnes looks at Australian crime fiction and Anthony Rainone talks with Charles Ardai of Hard Case Crime in the Publisher Spotlight. Additionally Ruth Jordan says there’s no such thing as a bad review, Jason Star speaks with Joseph Finder and Blake Crouch introduces to his band of sick little goobers…Victor Gischler, Scott Phillips, Gregg Hurwitcz and himself.

Highlights from issue 8 include Ayo’s first Bouchercon, Gary Warren Niebuhr looks into Carrol John Daly in Footprints and Jon Jordan sends off Evan Hunter. You also get Julie Spencer-Fleming’s Zoe Sharp interview, Ray Banks’ piece on Eddie Little and Patricia Sprinkle is interviewed by Maureen Robb.

Six short stories are included this time around. The contributors are Trey R. Barker, HP Tinker, J.A. Knorath, Otis Twelve, Steven Torres and Ian Rowan.

All the regular contributors are on tap as well: Reed Farrel Coleman, Jim Pascoe, Jeremy Lynch, and Robert Randisi.

Finally, there’s nearly 100 reviews in these 2 issues.


1. Editorial #7 by Jon Jordan
2. On The Road #7 by Ruth Jordan
3. The Black Angel Comes to London by Ali Karim
4. Interview with David Bowker by Jennifer Jordan
5. Footprints: Father Knox’s Rules by Ruth Jordan
6. Award Nominees
7. Australian Crime Fiction by Adrian Milnes
8. FICTION: Above The Fold by Trey R. Barker
9. Rants and Raves by Robert Randisi
10. Ugly Eye For The Mystery Guy by Jim Pascoe
11. Bookstore Spotlight–Milwaukee’s Mystery One by Jon Jordan
12. COVER STORY: Barry Eisler Declassified by Ruth Jordan
13. Interview with Barry Eisler by Joe Konrath
14. International Thrillers Writers Inc. by Dave Biemann
15. FICTION EXCERPT: Troubleshooter by Gregg Hurwitz
16. Publisher Spotlight: Hard Case Crime by Anthony Rainone
17. Dark Knight Detective by Jon Jordan
18. Interview with Joseph Finder by Jason Starr
19. Eye On Hollywood by Jeremy Lynch
20. My Favorite Crime Movie by Victor Gischler
21. The Unspoken Word by Reed Farrel Coleman
22. Sick Little Goobers by Blake Crouch
23. FICTION: The Investigation by HP Tinker
24. There’s No Such Thing As A Bad Review by Ruth Jordan
25. Crimes On .45 by Kevin Burton Smith
26. FICTION: Light Drizzle by JA Konrath
27. Editorial #8 by Ruth Jordan
28. On The Road by Ruth Jordan
29. Book Launch Week by Harry Hunsicker
30. Bloody Words VI by Sean Chercover
31. Bouchercon Or Bust by Ayo Onatade
32. Footprints: Carrol John Daly by Gary Warren Niebuhr
33. On The Web: Crime Scene Scotland by Allan Guthrie
34. FICTION: Dead Puppies by Otis Twelve
35. Evan Hunter by Jon Jordan
36. Rants and Raves by Robert J Randisi
37. COVER STORY: Michael Connelly by Craig McDonald
38. COVER STORY: William Kent Krueger by Jennifer Jordan
39. COVER STORY: William Kent Krueger Interview by Jeremy Lynch
40. Route 66: My Road to Damascus by David Morrell
41. FICTION: THE DRIVER by Steven Torres
42. Bookstore Spotlight: M is for Mystery by Beth R Greene
43. Collaborating and Cohabitating by JJ and Bette Golden Lamb
44. Interview with Zoë Sharp by Julia Spencer-Fleming
45. Not Your Grandma’s MWA by Reed Farrel Coleman
46. Self Publishing Myths by Sandra Tooley
47. Investigation of Writers by Lori Avocato
48. Eddie Little: American Outlaw by Ray Banks
49. Shoot To Thrill: 100 Bullets by Duane Swierczynski
50. CrimeSpree Eye On Hollywood by Jeremy Lynch
51. FICTION: Occupational Stress by Ian Rowan
52. That Movie Career of Mine by Will Staeger
53. Questions Writers Get Asked by Shirley Kennett
54. Interview with Patricia Sprinkle by Maureen Robb
55. Book Reviews

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