Crimespree Magazine #51

Edited by Jon Jordan and Ruth Jordan

Available for: Kindle | Nook



Crimespree Magazine. Issue 51.

William Kent Krueger is featured on the cover and interviewed by Jeremy Lynch. Duane Swiecrzynski talks to Dan Malmon about his latest book while Dana Cameron talks with Kate Malmon. Steven Torres interviews Manuel Ramos and M.J. Rose chats with David J. Montgomery. Short fiction is supplied by G. Miki Hayden and Manuel Ramos.

There are three “Behind the Book” pieces in this issue: Dana Cameron, Bill Loehfelm and J.L. Abramo. Kent Harrington offers up “A Rendezvous with Evil.”

Oops, almost forgot the usual suspects are included for your enjoyment: Reed Farrel Coleman, Linda Brown, Craig McDonald, Jeremy Lynch, Ayo Onatade and Amy. Also, Buzzbin, Book Reviews, Crimespree on Comics and Cooking with Crimespree appear as well.


1. From the Editor by Jon Jordan
2. News in the Brief
3. On the Road: FablesCon by Kate Malmon
4. Hanging with Ayo: Music in Mysteries by Ayo Onatade
5. Duane Swiecrzynski Interview by Dan Malmon
6. FICTION: All that Glitters by G. Miki Hayden
7. COVER STORY: William Kent Krueger
8. 5 Books that Inspired Me by Barry S. Wildorf
9. Behind the Book by Dana Cameron
10. Dana Cameron Interview by Kate Malmon
11. Behind the Book by Bill Loehfelm
12. Behind the Book by J.L. Abramo
13. A Rendezvous with Evil by Kent Harrington
14. Manuel Ramos Interview by Steven Torres
15. One Question by Jeremy Lynch
16. Amy Alessio’s Teen Beat
17. FICTION: When the Air Conditioner Quit by Manuel Ramos
18. Interview with M.J. Rose by David J. Montgomery
19. Craig’s Joint by Craig McDonald
20. Mystery Town with Linda Brown
21. Prequel by Reed Farrel Coleman
22. Eye on Hollywood by Jeremy Lynch
23. DVD Reviews
24. Buzzbin
25. Book Reviews
26. Crimespree On Comics
27. Cooking With Crimespree

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