Crimespree Magazine #5 and 6

Edited by Jon Jordan and Ruth Jordan

Available for: Kindle | Nook


Crimespree Magazine issues 5 and 6 from Mar/Apr 2005 and May/Jun 2005 are bundled together as an eBook. Ian Rankin is the feature act of issue 5. On the other hand, two individuals, Julia Spencer-Fleming and Bill Fitzhugh, shared the featured act.

A sampling of Issue 5s articles include an interview of Peter Spieglman by Reed Farrel Coleman, Tom Jenkins wrote about The Shadow, cheating in poker tournaments was discussed by James Swain and Aldo Calcagno eulogized Plots With Guns. Additionally, David Housewright wrote about his addiction with jazz while David Fulmer discussed the mystery of jazz and Kevin Burton Smith id’d 5 songs about crime. Anthony Neil Smith decided he wants to kick James Ellroy’s ass and Jason Star interviewed Charlie Stella.

Issue 6 includes Tony Perona’s interview of Harlan Coben, Ruth Jordan’s list of 15 books she loves and that she feels influences the genre even today. Jon Jordan talks with key people in John Connelly’s circle and Zoe Sharp discusses her day job. Bill Crider wrote about collecting paperbacks, Sean Doolittle talked about his favorite crime movies and Dave Zeltserman wants you to hate the character but love the book.

Six short stories are included this time around. The contributors are JS Jordan’s Up the Neck, Mark T. Conard’s O’Hara Gets Killed, David Bowker’s Rawhead in the Cathedral, Bill Fitzhugh’s Murder, Plain and Simple, David White’s Dead Money and Reed Farrel Coleman’s Requiem for Jack.

All the regular contributors are on tap as well: Jim Pascoe, Ayo Onatade, Jeremy Lynch’s Crimespree at the Movies, and Robert Randisi.

Oh yeah, did we mention there’s a truck load of reviews in these 2 issues?


1. Letter From The Editor #5 by Ruth Jordan
2. On The Road by Ruth Jordan
3. Reed Farrel Coleman Book Launch by Dave White
4. On the Road Again for the First Time by JD Rhoades
5. Mixing Firearms and Fiction by Michael A. Black
6. Interview With Peter Spieglman by Reed Farrel Coleman
7. Footprints-The Shadow by Tom Jenkins
8. Tournament Poker Cheating by James Swain
9. FICTION – Up The Neck by JS Jordan
10. Rants and Raves #5 by Robert J. Randisi
11. Ugly Eye For The Mystery Guy #5 by Jim Pascoe
12. Plots With Guns: An Eulogy by Aldo T. Calcagno
13. COVER – Ian Rankin by Ruth Jordan
14. Rebus: A New Agenda? by Richard Flannery
15. Walking in the Footsteps of Rebus by Annie Chernow
16. Interview with Natasha Cooper by Ayo Onatade
17. Murder By The Book, Portland OR by Billie J. Bloebaumo
18. No Ordinary Bookclub by Libby Ficsher Hellman
19. Jabbo and Me by David Housewright
20. The Mystery of Jazz by David Fulmer
21. Crimes On 45 by Kevin Burton Smith
22. The Name Of The Game: Christening Characters by Alina Adams
23. Footprints-Sherlock Holmes by Thalia Proctor
24. James Ellroy Taught Me To Be A Man, Now I Want To Kick His Ass by Anthony Neil Smith
25. Crimespree At The Movies by Jeremy Lynch
26. The Most Terrible Time in My Life by Gary Warren Niebhur
27. The Wire by Ruth Jordan
28. Junk in the Trunk, The Blog Short Story Project by David White and Michael Betcherman
29. FICTION – O’Hara Gets Killed by Mark Conard
30. Interview With Charlie Stella by Jason Starr
31. The Crimespree 5 List
32. Letter From The Editor #6 by Jennifer Jordan
33. On The Road-Greatest Hits of a First Book Tour by Michele Martinez
34. Edgar and Gumshoe Awards
35. Write of Spring by Kelly Letterling
36. Interview with Harlan Coben by Tony Perona
37. Footprints by Ruth Jordan
38. It Takes A Village: The Team behind John Connolly by Jon Jordan
39. Why I Love New York by Rhys Bowen
40. FICTION – Rawhead In The Cathedral by David Bowker
41. Rants and Raves #6 by Robert Randisi
42. Ugly Eye For The Mystery Guy #6 by Jim Pascoe
43. Weather in Your Novel by Arlis Whittier
44. COVER – Mystery Coast to Coast by Ruth Jordan
45. Julia Spencer-Fleming Interview by Denise Hamilton
46. Clerics & Crime: The New Wave by Ross Hugo-Vidal
47. Bill Fitzhugh Interview by Jeremy Lynch
48. FICTION – Murder, Plain and Simple by Bill Fitzhugh
49. The Latino Sleuth–Life on the Border by Steven Torres
50. FICTION – Dead Money by David White
51. The Day Job by Zoe Sharp
52. Boyos by Charlie Stella
53. Killing For England (Book Excerpt) by Iain McDowall
54. Collecting Paperbacks by Bill Crider
55. Crimespree at the Movies by Jeremy Lynch
56. My Favorite Crime Movie by Sean Doolittle
57. Rape! Murder! Opera! by David Corbett
58. Hate The Character, Love the Book by Dave Zeltserman
59. Courts, Knights and Treachery by Ayo Onatade
60. The “CSI” Effect by Jennifer Jordan
61. FICTION – Requiem For Jack by Reed Farrel Coleman
62. Reviews, Reviews, and More Reviews

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