Crimespree Magazine #43

Edited by Jon Jordan and Ruth Jordan

Available for: Kindle | Nook


The cover feature of Crimespree Magazine #43 is a great interview of “funky noir” author Sara Gran conducted by Scott Phillips. In turn, Sara wrote an appreciation of SUNSET BOULEVARD. Anthony R. Pezzula, Kenneth Nichols and Thomas Pluck provide the short stories. The latest Behind the Books is written by Lisa Unger while Jennifer Jordan writes about a bunch of criminal idiots. Darrell James is interviewed by Alan Orloff and Reed Farrel Coleman offers a Bouchercon Handbook to make the most of than annual event.

Craig McDonald looks back at DEADWOOD which signed off back in August of 2006. Dan Krokos and Todd Ritter tell us their 5 Favorite Films. Declan Burke dialogues with Dennis Lehane about Irish-American crime writing. There are articles from Ayo Onatade, Denise Hamilton, Linda Brown and Douglas Lindsay.

Finally, Jeremy Lynch has his Eye on Hollywood, DVD Reviews, Buzz Bin and Book Reviews round out issue 43.


1. Editorial by Jon Jordan
2. Hanging with Ayo
3. A Slice of Mystery by Avery Aames
4. The Perils of Writing a History Mystery by Tony Hays
5. COVER STORY: Get Closer to Sara Gran by Scott Phillips
6. Sunset Boulevard by Sara Gran
7. Behind the Books by Lisa Unger
8. Crime & Idiocy by Jennifer Jordan
9. FICTION: Old Friends by Anthony R. Pezzula
10. Morphing Into Mystery by Martin Shepard
11. The Long and the Short of It: Darrel James Interviewed by Alan Orloff
12. In the Court of Public Opinion by Denise Hamilton
13. FICTION: The People I Help Out by Kenneth Nichols
14. Mystery Town with Linda Brown
15. Bouchercon Handbook by Reed Farrel Coleman
16. Craig’s Joint by Craig McDonald
17. 5 Favorite Films with Dan Krokos
18. 5 Favorite Films with Todd Ritter
19. Dialogue with Declan Burke featuring Dennis Lehane
20. The Towering Non-Inferno by Douglas Lindsay
21. FICTION: Rain Dog by Thomas Pluck
22. DVD Reviews
23. Eye on Hollywood with Jeremy Lynch
24. Buzz Bin
25. Book Reviews
26. Cooking with Crimespree

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