Crimespree Magazine #40

Edited by Jon Jordan and Ruth Jordan

Available for: Kindle | Nook


Crimespree Magazine provides outstanding interviews, great short fiction, insights from authors and the hands down the best reviews available in the crime genre. Issue 40 is no exception. This time around, J.A. Konrath and Blake Crouch discuss the future of publishing. Jeremy Lynch catches up with Once Upon A Crime Bookstore owners Gary Schultz and Pat Frovarp, winners of the MWAs 2011 Raven Award. We get fiction from Gloria Alden, Steven Sidor and The Top Suspense Group. Plus there’s the usual suspects: Reed Farrel Coleman, Craig McDonald and Ayo Onatade. Of course, there is a heaping pile of book, DVD and comic reviews.


1. From the Editor
2. Interview with Once Upon A Crime Bookstore Owners Pat and Gary
3. FICTION – Cheating on Your Wife Can Get You Killed by Gloria Alden
4. Hanging with Ayo
5. FICTION – A Chunk of Hell by Steven Sidor
6. COVER STORY – Blake Crouch and Jo Konrath: A Conversation
7. Down These Mean Strassen by Kenneth Wishina
8. ThrillerFest VI – 2011
9. The Inspiration of a City by Benjamin Whitmer
10. Electric Cars, Electric City, Electric People by D.E. Johnson
11. A Quick Five with Lori Armstrong
12. Craig’s Joint by Craig McDonald
13. Tired by Reed Farrel Coleman
14. My Friend Robin by Maxim Jakubowski
15. Soundtrack for the Late 60s by Libby Fischer Hellman
16. DVD Reviews
17. Eye on Hollywood by Jeremy Lynch
18. FICTION – A Top Suspense Short Story by Max Allan Collins, Ed Gorman, Bill Crider, Vicki Hendricks, Harry Shannon and Dave Zeltserman
19. Amy Alessio’s Teen Beat
20. It’s Storytelling, Just Not as We Know It by Simon Wood
21. Joe Gores–A Remembrance
22. Buzzbin
23. A Sherlockian Crimespree
24. Book Reviews
25. Crimespree on Comics
26. Cooking with Crimespree – Kieran Shea

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