Crimespree Magazine #3 and 4

Edited by Jon Jordan and Ruth Jordan

Available for: Kindle | Nook


The third and fourth issues of Crimespree Magazine are bundled together for the first time as an eBook for all you collectors. These issues featured an article from Vicki Hendricks about skydiving and a roundup of 2004. These issues were originally published in Oct-04/Nov-04 and Dec-04/Jan-05.

Issue 3 included an interview of Ken Bruen by Jason Starr, the secret of Father Brown by Ruth Jordan, brunch with Rick Riordan, S.J. Rozan’s love of basketball and Jon Jordan’s Max Allan Collins interview. Additionally there’s Bouchercon 2004 coverage. B-Con articles about Man of the Year Peter Robinson, American Guest Jeremiah Healy, British Guest Lindsey Darb and Lifetime Achievement Award winner Bernard Cornwell. Max Allan Collins writes about Gary Niebuhr, Aldo Calcagno writes about blogs while Scott Phillips discusses his summer vacation.

Issue 4 includes Sarah Weinman’s appreciation of Ross Thomas, Barry Eisler’s character, John Rain, provides personal safety tips and Tom Waits and Noir are explored by Ray Banks. David Corbett discusses Noir, Jen Jordan talks with Charlaine Harris about Sookie and James O. Born explains why he hates James Hall.

Short stories are supplied by Michael A. Black, Zane Radcliffe, Sarah Weinman, Steve Torres, Rick Mofina and Jon Jordan.

Regular contributors include Donna Moore, Jim Pascoe, Reed Farrel Colemen, Ayo Onatade, Ali Karim and Sarah Weinmann.


1. From The Editor #3 by Jennifer Jordan
2. Publisher Spotlight: PointBlank Press by Donna Moore
3. On The Road – Walter Mosley In Minneapolis by Kelli Kettrling
4. The Secret of Father Brown by Ruth Jordan
5. FICTION – Bitter Almonds by Michael A. Black
6. Brunch with Rick Riordan – Texas Style
7. Rants & Raves #2 by Robert J. Randisi
8. I Love this Game by SJ Rozan
9. Ugly Eye for the Mystery Guy #3 by Jim Pascoe
10. Found In Translation: Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza by Ayo Onatade
11. COVER – Out in the Blue: The Adventures of Sky Diving and Writing by Vicki Hendricks
12. Bookstore Spotlight: Toronto Sleuth of Baker Street by Lyn Hamilton
13. Ken Bruen: The Rodney Dangerfield of Crime Fiction Hits the Big Time by Jason Starr
14. An Informal Report On The 2nd Harrogate Crime Writing Festival by Ann R. Chernow
15. Crime Spree at the Movies #3 by Jeremy Lynch
16. FICTION – The Killer’s Guide to Bombay by Zane Radcliffe
17. A Quick Interview with Max Allan Collins by Jon Jordan
18. The Bouchercon Authors: Peter Robinson — MAN OF THE YEAR! by Bev DeWeese
19. Jeremiah Healy: Bouchercon 2004 American Guest of Honor by Sandra Balzo
20. Lindsey Davis: British Guest of Honor by Gail Korb
21. Bernard Cornwell: Lifetime Achievement Award by Dave Biemann
22. Gary Niebuhr — The P.I.’s Friend by Max Allan Collins
23. Crazy Little Things Called Blogs by Aldo T. Calcagno
24. What I Did On My Summer Vacation by Scott Phillips
25. A Man In The Know by David Biemann
26. FICTION – Groupie’s Game by Sarah Weinman
27. Crime Spree Spotlight on Author Bill James by Ruth Jordan
28. And Jennifer Garner as Miss Marple: Attracting Young Readers to the Traditional Mystery by Alina Adams
29. Letter from the Editor #4 by Jon Jordan
30. Where’s a Mountie When You Want One? by Donna Moore
31. On The Road with Denise Hamilton
32. Footprints: An Appreciation of Ross Thomas by Sarah Weinman
33. FICTION – Stoop, The Thief (part 1) by Steven Torres
34. Personal Safety Tips from Assassin John Rain by Barry Eisler
35. Rants and Raves by Robert J. Randisi
36. Who. What, Wear, The 2004 PWA Shamus Award Banquet by Christine Matthews
37. Bouchercon 2004 by Al Navis
38. Ugly Eye For The Mystery Guy by Jim Pascoe
39. FICTION – Blood Red Rings by Rick Mofina
40. St Hilda’s Crime and Mystery Conference by Ayo Onatade
41. The Dagger Awards by Ali Karim
42. Crime Spree at the Movies by Jeremy Lynch
43. Pulling On Trouble’s Braids / Tom Waits and Noir by Ray Banks
44. The Gauntlet: Authors Go Fishing by Brian Wiprud
45. All About Me by Reed Farrel Coleman
46. Bookstore Spotlight: Once Upon A Crime by KJ Erikson
47. 2004 San Francisco Film Noir Festival by Adrian Muller
48. FICTION – No Good Reason by Jon Jordan
49. Noir, Tragedy and Other Bummers by David Corbett
50. Cross Genre: Charlaine Harris by Jennifer Jordan
51. I Hate James Hall by James O. Born
52. Magna Cum Murder by Ruth Jordan
53. 2004 Book Round Up by Various Contributors
54. Crimespree Book Reviews

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