Crimespree Magazine #13 and 14

Edited by Jon Jordan and Ruth Jordan

Available for: Kindle | Nook


Crimespree Magazine issues #13 and 14 (Jul/Aug 2006 and Sep/Oct 2006) have been combined as a single eBook. The cover feature of issue 13 is an interview with Karin Slaughter by Tess Gerritson while Greg Rucka is the focus of issue 14.

Key highlights of issue 13 include: on the road with Jason Starr and Denis Hamilton, a conversation between John Rickards and Sandra Ruttan as well as one with Bill Pronzini and Robert S.P. Lee., and Steve Hockensmith describes how the West was lost.

Meanwhile, issue 12 delivers Martyn Waites in an interview by Ray Banks, Caroline and Charles Todd discuss superstition, Caroline also interviews Bruce and Troy Crook, JD Rhodes discusses character and Michael Lister talks about sunshine and crime.

Five short stories are included this time around. The contributors are Michael Allan Dymmoch, Sandra Ruttan, Pearce Hanson, Bertil Falk and Steven Torres.

And let’s not forget about Jeremy Lynch’s Eye on Hollywood, monthly columns from Reed Farrel Coleman, Julia Spence-Fleming, Robert J. Randisi and Ayo Onatade, DVD reviews and a plethora of book reviews.


1. Rants and Raves by Robert J Randisi
2. News Bits (#13)
3. On The Road with Jason Starr and Denise Hamilton
4. A Gustatory Commentary by Carl Brookins
5. Dublin Noir Launch by James R. Winter
6. Kick Ass Gals & Hard Core Guys by Ayo Onatade
7. Gentleman Loser by Reed Farrel Coleman
8. FICTION: Blood Red, Dead White and the 4th of July Blues by Michael Allan Dymmoch
9. Hell’s Kitchen by Ira Berkowitz
10. COVER STORY: Karin Slaughter Interview by Tess Gerritsen
11. Spencer-Fleming for Hire (#13)
12. Lost In Translation-Dagger Awards by Danuta Reah
13. John Rickards Interview by Sandra Ruttan
14. Twisting the Turns by M.J. Rose
15. Interview with Bill Pronzini by Robert S.P. Lee
16. FICTION: The Butcher by Sandra Ruttan
17. Night With The Vice Squad by Lindsay Jayne Ashford
18. Is The PI Novel Dead? by Daniel Hatadi
19. FICTION: Where The Heart Is by Pearce Hanson
20. Eye On Hollywood (#13) by Jeremy Lynch
21. How The West Was Lost by Steve Hockensmith
22. Guest Editorial (#14) by Kevin Wignall
23. News Bits (#14)
24. Hey! It’s Ayo Onatade!
25. What’s a Little Superstition Among Friends? by Caroline and Charles Todd
26. FICTION: The Multi Colored Herring by Bertil Falk
27. FBI at the Door by Claire Matturo
28. Martyn Waites Interviewed by Ray Banks
29. COVER STORY: The Ruckanomicon
30. Greg Rucka: Comics Writer by Jon Jordan
31. Greg Rucka: The Novelist by Ruth Jordan
32. Talking to Greg…by Robert Emrich
33. In Praise of the Intimate by Reed Farrel Coleman
34. Desert Thunder by Michael A Black
35. Spencer-Fleming For Hire (#14)
36. Rants and Raves by Robert J Randisi
37. Bruce and Troy Cook Interview by Caroline Todd
38. FICTION: Elena Speaks Of the City by Steven Torres
39. Mysteries of Teens by Amy Alessio
40. Bookstore Spotlight: Poisoned Pen by Laura Watkins
41. Spinetingler Magazine by Sandra Ruttan
42. Sunshine and Crime by Michael Lister
43. Under The Radar by Sir Richard Katz
44. When Your Character Precedes You by JD Rhodes
45. Philip K. Dick by Tribe
46. Mark Billingham Talks to John Rickards
47. Eye On Hollywood (#14) by Jeremy Lynch
48. Diving Into Mystery by Kathy Brandt
49. Comics and Graphic Novels by Jon Jordan
50. DVD Reviews
51. Book Reviews

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