Crimespree Magazine #11 and 12

Edited by Jon Jordan and Ruth Jordan

Available for: Kindle | Nook


The 11th and 12th issues of Crimespree Magazine (Mar/Apr 2006 and May/Jun 2006) are presented together as a single eBook. The cover feature of Issue 11 featured T. Jefferson Parker interviewed by CJ Box while Val McDermid was interviewed by Ruth Jordan for the cover feature of Issue 12.

Highlights of Issue 11 include: JA Konrath’s funny “Cozies or Hardboiled”, a conversation between Sharon Fiffer and John Connolly, Anthony Neil Smith tells you “Why You Shouldn’t Buy His Novel” and Reed Farrel Coleman interviewed Michel Martinez. Additionally, Ken Bruen describes his enjoyment of The Rockford Files, Michael Lister starts a new column and Michael A. Black interviews Henry Kisor.

Meanwhile, Issue 12 delivers “Perfection” from Walter Satterthwait, SJ Rozan interviews Kate Stine and Barry Eisler writes about 2 forms of surveillance. Jon Jordan interviews Robert Crais while Scott Wolven is interviewed by Bryon Quertermous.

Six short stories are included this time around. The contributors are Bryon Quertermous, John Weagly, EC Morgan, Douglas Shepherd, Charles Edward and Adrian Milnes.

And let’s not forget about Jeremy Lynch’s Eye on Hollywood, monthly columns from Julia Spence-Fleming, Robert J. Randisi and Ayo Onatade, DVD reviews and plenty of book reviews…you are bound to find something you enjoy in these 2 issues.


1. From the Editor (#11) by Ruth Jordan
2. Newsbits (#11)
3. On The Road by Jon Jordan
4. On The Road by Ali Karim
5. Look What The Cat Draggeed In by Ayo Onatade
6. A Correspondence by Sharon Fiffer and John Connolly
7. Cozies or Hardboiled by JA Konrath
8. A New Author’s Perspective by Shirley Damsgaard
9. Why You Shouldn’t Buy My Novel by Anthony Neil Smith
10. FICTION: Load by Bryon Quertermous
11. COVER STORY: T. Jefferson Parker by CJ Box
12. Spencer-Fleming For Hire by Julia Spencer-Fleming
13. Rants and Rave by Robert J Randisi
14. Reilly’s World by Ruth Jordan
15. Sandman Mystery Theater by Jon Jordan
16. 10 Differences between Writing and Painting by Jonathan Santlofer
17. Michele Martinez Interview by Reed Farrel Coleman
18. Sunshine and Crime by Michael Lister
19. Simon R. Green Interview by Jon Jordan
20. FICTION: The Neon Wrestler by John Weagly
21. Eye On Hollywood (#11) by Jeremy Lynch
22. Korean Noir: The Films of Chan-wook Park by Todd Robinson
23. The Rockford Files on DVD: Pure Gold by Ken Bruen
24. Henry Kisor Interviewed by Michael A. Black
25. ONI Press by Jon Jordan
26. The Blues Overtook Me by Nathan Walpow
27. Word From The Rain Forest by Caroline Todd
28. A Laundry List Of Possibilities by Sharon Short
29. FICTION: The King by EC Morgan
30. Guest Editorial (#12) by Ben Leroy
31. Editorial (#12) by Ruth Jordan
32. News Bits (#12)
33. A Crime Fiction View of the London Book Fair by Ali Karim
34. On The Road by Jon Jordan
35. Reality TV by Heather Webber
36. Perfection And How To Achieve It by Walter Satterthwait
37. Conversation with Kate Stine by SJ Rozan
38. Bookstore Spotlight: Black Orchid by Anthony Rainone
39. Surveillance/Counter Surveillance by Barry Eisler
40. FICTION: The Morning After by Douglas Shepherd
41. COVER STORY: Val McDermid by Ruth Jordan
42. Spencer-Fleming for Hire by Julia Spencer-Fleming
43. Making the Services of a Publicist Affordable by Sandra Reimer
44. Rants and Raves (#12) by Robert J. Randisi
45. Robert Crais Interviewed by Jon Jordan
46. Going Undercover with Gayle Lynds by Rob Kresge
47. FICTION: Bad Press by Charles Edward
48. Scott Wolven Interview by Bryon Quertermous
49. Grandpa’s Gun by Nick Stone
50. Ghost Of A Chance by Casey Daniels
51. One Writer’s Remedial Reading by Chris Grabenstein
52. R-E-S-P-E-C-T by Reed Farrel Coleman
53. What The %&@#? by Todd Robinson
54. Voices by Laura Bradford
55. Whipsaw by Steve Brewer
56. FICTION: Hidden Scars by Adrian Milnes
57. Eye On Hollywood (#12) by Jeremy Lynch
58. Crimes on .45 by Kevin Burton Smith
59. Book Reviews
60. DVD Reviews

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