Crimespree Magazine #1 and 2

Edited by Jon Jordan and Ruth Jordan

Available for: Kindle | Nook


The first 2 issues of Crimespree Magazine are bundled together as an eBook for all you collectors. These issues featured articles and interviews about and with Mark Billingham and S.J. Rozen.

Right out of the gate, Brother Jon Jordan gives a homily on the Power of Mystery while the better half, Ruth Jordan, kicks off Issue 2.

Short fiction is provided by Gene DeWeese, Brian Wiprud, Harry Shannon Danuta Reah, Patrick J. Lambe and John Connolly.

Donna Moore, Jim Pascoe, Reed Farrel Colemen, Ayo Onatade, Ali Karim and Sarah Weinmann, oh my! Other contributors includes: J.A. Konrath, Michael Lister, Caroline Todd, Valerie S. Malmont, Jeremy Lynch, Ian Smith, Blake Crouch, Sue Kelso, Dick Flannery, Dave Biemann, Barbara Seranella, Cara Black, Norman Green, Simon Kernick.


1. From The Editor #1 by Jon Jordan
2. Thoughts From A Broad by Donna Moore
3. On The Road by Blake Crouch
4. PJ Tracy Launch Live Bait by Kelli Ketterling
5. Footprints – The History of Mystery Baroness Orczy by Ruth Jordan
6. On The Web – CINCINNATI MEDIA by Ruth Jordan
7. FICTION – Milo’s Last Con by Gene DeWeese
8. Ugly Eye for the Mystery Guy by Jim Pascoe
9. Mysterious Disappearance of Rob Kantner by J.A. Konrath
10. FICTION – Uptown Headwaters by Brian Wiprud
11. Mark Billingham: A Stand Up Guy by Jon Jordan
12. Interview With: Mark Billingham by Sarah Weinman
13. Baseball, Mon Amour by Caroline Todd
14. Small Press Publisher Bleak House Books by Michael Lister
15. Booked For Murder of Madison Wisconsin
16. The British Connection by Ali S Karim
17. Malice Domestic 2004 by Valerie S. Malmont
18. Very Pro Bouchercon by Reed Farrel Coleman
19. Investigating Film with Jeremy Lynch
20. Mongrel Music Makers by Jennifer Jordan
21. Walker’s Way: An Interview with Robert W. Walker by William D. Gagliani
22. FICTION – Along Comes Mary by Harry Shannon
23. Across the Pond with Annie Chermow and Thalia Proctor
24. Letter from the Editor #2 by Ruth Jordan
25. Life of P.I. by Donna Moore
26. On the Road by Ian Smith
27. Who’s on the Road?
28. Footprints: Ellery Queen by Ted Hertel Jr.
29. FICTION – A Game of Hide and Seek by Danuta Reah
30. Rants and Raves by Robert Randisi
31. Par for the Course by Reed Coleman
32. Ugly Eye for the Mystery Guy by Jim Pascoe
33. Found in Translation by Ayo Onatade
34. COVER STORY: S.J. Rozan by Gabriel Cohen, Ruth Jordan and Jeremy Lynch
35. Publisher Spotlight: Poisoned Pen Press by Ruth Jordan
36. Bookstore Spotlight: Partners and Crime by Sarah Weinmann
37. Looking Back in Anger by Ali Karim
38. Mayhem in the Midlands by Sue Kelso
39. Crime Spree at the Movies featuring Keith Snyder and William Kent Krueger
40. Movie News by Jeremy Lynch
41. FICTION – Nested Russians by Patrick J. Lambe
42. A Look at Jack Reacher by Dick Flannery
43. Interview with Ralph Pezzullo by Reed Coleman
44. A Revisionist History of New York by Dave Biemann
45. Confessions of a Biker Chick by Barbara Seranella
46. In Inspector Maigret’s Old Haunts by Cara Black
47. Fascati’s Pizzeria by Norman Green
48. You Aren’t What You Eat by Simon Kernick
49. Interview with Jason Starr by Jennifer Jordan
50. FICTION – The Man from the Second Fifteen by John Connolly
51. Cross Genre-The Preacher by Jon Jordan
52. Crimespree Reviews (Combined #1 and #2)

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