MOONLIGHT GETS SCHOOLED by Vincent Zandri, A Dick Moonlight PI thriller, 8th in series (August 2022)

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When a defeated looking man shows up at Moonlight’s riverfront loft in the middle of the night seeking the P.I.’s services, he does something quite unexpected. He kills himself with a gunshot to the head. After the APD Chief Homicide Detective Nick Miller arrives on the scene, it’s discovered the now dead man was married to a cheating woman who goes by the unlikely name of Virginia Gamble.

Mrs. Gamble it turns out, is teaching English at a local private boy’s school called Catholic Brother’s Academy where it’s alleged she’s been having sex with several of the underage boys. Miller wants Moonlight to look into Virginia Gamble to determine if she managed to drive her husband to suicide—a major crime in New York State.

Thinking the case is easy money, what Moonlight doesn’t realize is that he’s about to open a can of worms that not only implicates the private school and its principal, but also angers Gamble’s Mexican cartel, drug dealing boyfriend, who vows to kill every man and boy she’s ever slept with. The thing is, not even Moonlight can resist Virginia Gamble’s beauty and charm, which ends up placing him at the very top of the to-be-killed list.

The bullets are flying, the atmosphere is searing hot, and a luscious blond is wreaking havoc on the concrete jungle in this brand-new Dick Moonlight PI Thriller. But then, what else would you expect? For fans of Michael Connelly, Charlie Houston, Robert B. Parker, Ace Atkins, and more, New York Times and USA Today bestselling Thriller and Shamus Award winning author Vincent Zandri delivers yet another killer thriller you just might stay up all night to binge.

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