A GRIFTER’S SONG SEASON FIVE VOLUME 9 created and edited by Frank Zafiro

A GRIFTER’S SONG SEASON FIVE VOLUME 9 created and edited by Frank Zafiro (June 2024)

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Long time grifters Sam and Rachel love two things: each other and the grift. On the run from the mob, the two lovers move from one con to the next, winning some and losing others, but always finding a way to survive.

Season Five begins with Episode 29, Madam Tomahawk by Nick Kolakowski. Sam and Rachel help out an old friend with a delicate situation that leads to an opportunity for a little blackmail. Their plans are disrupted, however, and they are quickly embroiled in a power struggle with the shadowy elite of the nation’s capital. Can Sam and Rachel match wits with these hidden movers and shakers? Or will they find themselves crushed underfoot?

TG Wolff contributed Episode 30, Good For It. In between cons, Rachel and Sam stumble across a retirement community manager in desperate need of workers. Once they hear how posh the facility is, the grifters agree to temporary jobs. As soon as they arrive, the pair begins to plan their next move, completely unaware that some of the tenants are former mobsters. And worse yet, they’re bored.

Episode 31, Outfoxed by Jeffery Hess, finds Rachel and Sam in Tampa, where they ferret out a promising mark with hundreds of acres of unadulterated land he is interested in selling. The landowner is adamantly opposed to involving lawyers or any other entities that would reduce his potential payday and agrees to hire them to proceed with their plans. The couple’s real goal is to con six figures out of him in wire transfers for work they say they’ll have done. Their luck changes when the landowner suspects they are not who they say they are and their past catches up with them.

James D.F. Hannah is the author of Episode 32, Somewhere Outside Salvation. Short on money and low on resources—it’s all-too-common ground for Sam and Rachel. When they find themselves stuck in a small West Virginia town, Rachel seizes upon a travel carnival, posing as a psychic as a chance to make some fast cash. But Sam sees greater opportunities with the sideshow owner, a self-proclaimed “cryptid hunter” willing to pay top dollar for proof of a mysterious monster. What should be a chance at easy money puts Sam and Rachel in a deadly intersection of human trafficking, money laundering, and religious obsession…

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