A GRIFTER’S SONG SEASON THREE VOLUME 6 created and edited by Frank Zafiro


A GRIFTER’S SONG SEASON THREE VOLUME 6 created and edited by Frank Zafiro (July 2020)

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Long time grifters Sam and Rachel love two things: each other and the grift. On the run from the mob, the two lovers move from one con to the next, winning some and losing others, but always finding a way to survive.

Episodes 16-18 in Season Three begin with Rocky Mountain Lie by Michael Pool. Sam and Rachel are on the grift in Vail, Colorado, where they’re working sex-crazed Texas business tycoon Dan Croft to invest in their fake marijuana edibles company. But little do they know that Denver private eye Rick Malone is also on to their mark, hired to track him down over money he stole in his own scam back in Texas. With stakes running high and temperatures running low, it’s anyone’s guess who will be left holding the cash when the smoke clears, and whose lives will be forever changed in the process.

Carmen Jaramillo penned Episode 17, Open Up Your Heart, and introduces us to Genevieve Davidson, a budding con artist. She’s a mostly-broke server at a roadside restaurant just over the Wisconsin border from Illinois, but the young and wealthy of Chicago know her as Kendra, a carefree and world-traveling trust fund baby. In a rush to impress a friend—and pick up some extra cash to pay down her own debt—she lets Sam and Rachel con her into a deal. But in a surprising turnabout of events, “Kendra” finds herself with some leverage over the couple and forces them into a con of her own making involving a corrupt alderman.

Episode 18, Ride Like Hell, officially closes out Season Three. S.A. Cosby takes us into the world of thoroughbred racehorses. While exciting, this doesn’t immediately sound dangerous. But when Sam and Rachel devise a lucrative con involving the breeding process, it gets that way fast.

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