IN THE CUT by Frank Zafiro


IN THE CUT by Frank Zafiro, A SpoCompton Crime Novel, 2nd in series (January 2020)

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Boone has been prospecting with the Iron Brotherhood outlaw motorcycle gang for almost a year, trying to earn his patch with the club. When a simple muscle job goes terribly wrong, his world changes forever.

He is quickly plunged deeper into a world of drug and intimidation, and the lines between right and wrong blur. The bonds of brotherhood that he forges with other members clash with the dark actions they take. His girlfriend, Faith, represents a danger of another kind, but Boone can’t stop himself where she is concerned, either.

When someone close to him dies, and rampant rumors of a rat in the clubhouse puts everyone in danger, Boone comes to learn what it really means to live his life in the cut.

Praise for IN THE CUT:

“With In The Cut, Frank Zafiro crafts a captivating biker-crime-cop tale, but this book is more than all that—it’s a balls-out ride down the most treacherous of highways, twisting into the abyss of unavoidable mistakes and veering back into the shadowy terrain of loyalty, brotherhood, misshapen lust, and the transitory nature of true justice. It doesn’t take long for Zafiro to hit fifth gear, and when he does he’s leaning like hell into every wicked turn…” —Matt Phillips, author of Countdown and Know Me from Smoke

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