A GRIFTER’S SONG SEASON ONE BOX SET edited by Frank Zafiro, Episodes 1-7 (October 2023)

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Long time grifters Sam and Rachel love two things: each other and the grift. On the run from the mob, the two lovers move from one con to the next, winning some and losing others, but always finding a way to survive.

Episode 1: The Concrete Smile by Frank Zafiro

Sam and Rachel are on the grift, on the make, and on the run.

Long time grifters and lovers, the couple is in St. Louis to run a con on Barry Jacobsen, who owns a concrete business. But the clock is ticking on the deal, and on them. Mobsters from Philadelphia are one step behind, seeking revenge for the pair’s most recent scam.

Caught between the dangers of this con being discovered and a mafia hit man finding them before they can wrap it up, Sam and Rachel walk a thin line of balance, striving to walk away with the money and their lives before their past catches up to them.

Episode 2: People Like Us by JD Rhoades

Longtime lovers and con artists Sam and Rachel sign on to help Sam’s old mentor, a legendary grifter known as Aunt Sally, pull off a scam that leverages the racist sentiments, gimlet-eyed avarice, and sleazy lust of an odious white supremacist college professor. But the couple has dragged their past behind them, and the Philly mobsters they ripped off not so long ago have set a relentless hunter with a head full of demons on their trail, with a mandate to inflict as much pain as possible before he puts the couple in the ground.

As they put the grift together, Sam and Rachel uncover secrets and surprises about Aunt Sally, her enigmatic partner William, and themselves.

People Like Us is a story of love and loyalty, of the lies that we call history, and of people who fight to live and love outside the walls of normal society.

Episode 3: The Whale by Lawrence Kelter

Peter Keys is a multimillionaire real estate developer and the adventurer, who hasn’t been seen or heard from in over a decade. Because of his clandestine nature he is the stuff a con artist’s dreams are made from. Manhattan’s University Club is the spot where the brilliant, wealthy, and uber-accomplished rub their silk-clad elbows. Posing as Keys, Sam attempts to rope a man of incredible wealth into buying, of all things, a diamond mine.

Sam and his beautiful comrade Rachel begin working their con when it becomes clear that they’re not the only ones working a scam, but it’s unclear just which side of the con this interloper is on, a wrinkle that quickly turns this very complicated con into a nightmare. They’re playing for all the marbles on this one. With so much at stake will they come out on top or will the players become the ones who get played?

Episode 4: The Movie Makers by Gary Phillips

Sam and Rachel are working a con in La La Land where the gold is for the asking as long as you can spin a captivating fable. Rachel’s character is an indie producer with Silicone Valley roots and Sam a life coach as they work their magic on the mark.

All is going according to plan until the smiling gangster shows up and suddenly the scenario they created from fairy dust starts to evaporate as things go sideways…and they just might get out by the skin of their teeth.

Episode 5: Lost in Middle America by Colin Conway

Sam and Rachel are back and this time they’re in the heart of middle America.

Sam is called to Lima, Ohio to help a former acquaintance, a pimp that helped him early in his career. This colleague wants revenge on the rival pimp who stole his business, his stable of girls, and his reputation. Another man’s redemption holds little interest to Sam, but the promise of a payday gets his attention.

Rachel doesn’t want anything to do with this job. It’s got too many things going against it, starting with the target they’re supposed to con. A pimp with a nasty disposition and a quick temper is not a man to cross.

However, she jumps in with Sam when they learn just how that rival pimp has been hiding his ill-gotten gains. To keep his extra cash out of the banking system, he’d been buying and hoarding high-grade comics and gold bars. They’re kept securely in a safety deposit box. All Sam and Rachel must do is figure out how to get into that box and get away clean.

Now, the heat is turned up in mid-western Ohio as an untrusting pimp slowly realizes he’s being played for his fortune.

Episode 6: Losing Streak by Jim Wilsky

Sam and Rachel are on the run suffering through a losing streak of failed cons. Low on money, time and ideas they have no choice but to hunker down and regroup.

In a small bar, Sam stumbles onto what he thinks what might be an opportunity. They need a win, any kind of victory to get them back on track.

What follows is a rushed con that has is full of potential pitfalls, a fifty-fifty chance of being successful—at best. They question themselves and if they have the confidence to move forward. They do, with limited resources and relying on what they know, what they do and wounded pride.

In the end they really had no choice because grifting is their life, in good times and in bad.

Episode 7: Come the Apocalypse by Frank Zafiro

Rocco, a Philly mob enforcer, is chasing Sam and Rachel as he tries to find, follow, and finish off the pair of Grifters.


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