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DRIVING REIGN by TG Wolff, The De La Cruz Case Files, 2nd in series (July 2020)

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Sophie DeMusa had plans. Finish college. Go to med school. Save the world. She never planned to be in a hospital bed, in a coma after ingesting too many pills. The homicide detective standing over her didn’t plan to be there either. After all, she wasn’t dead.

Detective Jesus De La Cruz was ready to turn away from the sad story of a suicide attempt. When his AA sponsor, Dr. Oscar Bollier, pressed, Cruz begrudgingly agreed to investigate. It should have been an open-and-shut case.

Except, if it was suicide, why were there two different 911 calls?

As Cruz digs into the weeks and months before Sophie’s hospitalization, he unearths a twisted knot of reality and perception. A sex scandal, a jilted lover, a callous director, a rainmaker, and a quid pro quo all made decisions and took actions that affected Sophie’s life. But did one of them try to kill her? The facts have Cruz questioning if there is such a thing as an innocent man.

Truth is a strong rope, tied in a noose. As he closes in, the knot tightens, but who will pay the price? A killer or a member of Cruz’s own family?

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7 reviews for DRIVING REIGN by TG Wolff

  1. Anita Douglas

    Like to read? I just read a new book “Driving Reign by TG Wolff” and it was fantastic! “Driving Reign” is a story about a Detective by the name of Jesus de La Cruz who first appeared in “Exacting Justice.” I enjoy her style of writing immensely because instead of just telling a story, she gets you invested in the whole plot because you’re sharing the lives of everyone involved. You see them at work as well as enjoying their friends and family, which helps flesh out their personality so you can then grasp the reasons for their actions.

  2. TG Wolff

    Driving Reign is one of those books whose meaning changed with time. When I wrote it, it was about a crime with no clear answer to guilt or innocence. In today’s social environment, it takes on a different, thought provoking meaning.

  3. Kyra Jacobs

    Another twisting, turning plot in the De La Cruz Case Files. Cruz is such an awesome character–his flaws make him human, his instincts/experience make him the kind of hero you root for. Add in this award-winning cast, and you can’t help but have another fantastic read. Driving Reign throws the homicide detective into a case where the victim isn’t dead…yet. But can he solve the case before the list of victims grows? Timely and relatable, another fantastic read by TG Wolff that’s sure to hook you until the very end.

  4. Melissa Moran

    An addicting read! Drawn into the crime-solving with the down-to-earth, pragmatic and very likable detective de la Cruz, I also felt like I got to know his family personally. Driving Reign combines crime, mystery, and humanity and will keep you turning pages not only to discover whodunit, but also to learn whether family relationships will survive the chaos in their lives.

  5. Kristen R

    More Cruz! This is the second De La Cruz mystery I’ve read, and the first, Exacting Justice, was just as good. Driving Reign easily held my attention with interesting characters, a “real life” setting (Cleveland in winter), and a thick plot. Keep writing TG!

  6. Michelle L

    Captivating from cover to cover. At first glance, it appears to be a failed suicide attempt, so why call upon a homicide detective? Because Cruz is the caliber of detective whose strong sense of justice compels him to unravel a mystery beyond his job description, even when it creates some powerful enemies and when the consequences get personal. Cruz is gritty and real, making mistakes along the way, but never wavering in his passion for justice. TG Wolff, definitely a rising author to watch for, will surely enthrall you with another great story.

  7. Chantal W.

    Detective De Le Cruz you do not disappoint! This story is masterfully intertwined in the wonderful neighborhoods of the Metro Cleveland area. Like theses eclectic neighborhoods you will find the characters in Driving Reign just as diverse and colorful. Starting with Detective De Le Cruz, gritty, a little bit damaged, intense, a dog with a bone when there is a crime to solve. In this case, is it an attempted suicide or murder gone wrong? How does our victim go from “Save the World Sorority Girl” to almost dead? I started my journey with Detective De Le Cruz reading Exacting Justice. If you love a dive into what makes this guy tick, get both books….you won’t be disappointed!

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