TRANSORBITAL by Nathan Singer


TRANSORBITAL by Nathan Singer (August 2020)

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With his trusty ice pick in hand and his loyal—though erratic—sidekick riding shotgun, superstar lobotomist Dr. Walter Freeman drives his Lobotomobile coast to coast across post-war America, determined to save the country from its own troubled mind.

With messianic fervor, an evangelist’s sense of righteousness, and a jazzman’s gift for improvisation (and showmanship), Doc Freeman is quickly gaining converts, and notoriety. All is going just swell, until a number of Freeman’s former protégés start turning up dead, and only Freeman’s assistant, The Kid, is able to recognize that something sinister is afoot. Will The Kid be able to keep his demons at bay and get to the bottom of things before the bodies really start piling up?

Creepy, grimy, and darkly humorous, Transorbital is an off-kilter twist on the old pulp whodunit.


“Nathan Singer is what a writer is meant to be: daring, unique, original, and insightful. Transorbital proves it in spades.” —Reed Farrel Coleman, New York Times bestselling author of Robert B. Parker’s The Devil Wins

“Nathan Singer’s Transorbital pulses with a relentless momentum. In Transorbital, Singer propels a strange, unsettling world reminiscent of William Burroughs’s best work with the fierce urgency of a Michael Crichton science thriller. With Transorbital, Nathan Singer has once again proven himself the master of the literary pulp thriller.” —Steve Weddle, author of Country Hardball

“I love everything about this book. I love the cult of the Transorbitals and the circus freakiness of it all. Like an ice pick to the frontal lobe of conventional fiction, Transorbital is what happens when the brilliant mind of Nathan Singer is unleashed on one of medicine’s most embarrassing periods.”—Bryon Quertermous, author of Murder Boy

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