THE DUPLICATION HOUSE by Nathan Singer (September 2023)

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Emily Conlin, missing for twenty years in rural West Virginia, has recently been found alive in the forest, bloody and bedraggled. Now, with the “help” of a down and out novelist, she is finally ready to tell the story…but whose story is it?

The Duplication House is a twisted tale of the constructed self, identity in confined spaces, and all the dark things deep down. Just to let you know, should you decide to stay, there will be screaming.

Critical Acclaim for Nathan Singer:

“Nathan Singer’s The Duplication House is at once a gleefully transgressive psychosexual phantasmagoria of Grand Guignol grotesqueries and a gimlet-eyed postmodern rumination on the creative process. Take a peek inside—I double-dare you.” —Chris Holm, Anthony Award winning author of The Killing Kind and Child Zero

“The hip new grand master of America’s literate underbelly.” —Mike Magnuson, author of The Right Man for the Job

“The master of the literary pulp thriller. Singer’s work has beauty and brutality in a balance no other writer can match.” —Steve Weddle, author of Country Hardball

“Nathan Singer is an urban wordsmith that blisters the pages with language only he can scribe.” —Frank Bill, author of The Savage

“He’s the kind of writer who’ll just destroy you, in all the right ways.” —Benjamin Whitmer, author of Cry Father

“[H]e is the heir apparent to Hubert Selby, Jr. Singer’s electric prose is impossible to walk away from, and will stay with you long after you’ve finished the last page.” —Tasha Alexander, author of A Fatal Waltz

“Singer’s prose is as stark and brutal as the world he describes, but it is also riveting. It carries the kind of redemptive power that reminds us why we read novels in the first place.” —In Denver Times

“Nathan Singer is what a writer is meant to be: daring, unique, original, and insightful.” —Reed Farrel Coleman, New York Times bestselling author of The Devil Wins

“Nathan Singer…the top of the list of America’s best young novelists.” —John Connolly, author of The Book of Lost Things

“Singer’s percussive prose [works] its magic.” —Booklist

“This is a writer with balls bigger than my entire head.” —J.D. Rhoades, author of The Devil’s Right Hand

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