TKO by Tom Schreck


TKO by Tom Schreck, A Duffy Dombrowski Mystery, 2nd in series (May 2022)

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After twenty-five years in prison for murdering a couple of cheerleaders, a quarterback, and the class president, “Hackin’” Howard Rheinhart gets discharged. His case is assigned to Schlitz-drinking, Elvis-loving social worker and pro boxer Duffy Dombrowski. Soon, local high-school VIPs start showing up dead and Howard is nowhere to be found.

Duffy throws himself into Howard’s defense while juggling a few problems of his own―like a huge upcoming boxing match, a new hormonal girlfriend, the unsolicited devotion of a goofy karate kid, and the ongoing misadventures of Al, Duffy’s basset hound.

Praise for TKO:

“Fresh, intense and funny, Schreck’s second mystery to feature unrepentant Elvis fan and dog lover Duffy Dombrowski packs a knockout punch.” —Publishers Weekly

“Refreshingly iconoclastic.” —Kirkus Reviews

TKO is fast-paced, authentic, and funny as hell. Social worker and journeyman boxer Duffy Dombrowski is a workingman’s hero, and I want him in my corner!” —Sean Chercover, author of Trinity Game

“Not for the faint of heart, I doesn’t let up. No holds barred, insightful characterization makes this series a stand-out.” —Mystery Reader

“No sophomore slump here. I am now really excited about the planned continuation of this series. Hand me another Schlitz, would you.” —Book Bitch

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