THE COMEBACK by Tom Schreck


THE COMEBACK by Tom Schreck, A Duffy Mystery, 6th in series (August 2023)

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Duffy is back!

After almost a decade our social working, pro boxing, Schlitz drinking, basset hound loving, bleeding heart tough guy has no idea what he’s in for.

His world literally blows up with a new gig, a career shift, another hound and, though he’s still spending most of the time in AJ’s, now it is from the other side of the bar.

Duffy’s buddy and owner of his drinking haunt dies suddenly and before he knows it, Duffy is in the tavern business. AJ’s cryptic note left to Duffy asks him to look into his demise and when a thick necked goon comes around to scare Duff off, well, we know our man decides to go all in.

Now, Duffy is up against the Chicago mob, a dirty drug business preying on the addicted, and his hometown’s worst street gang.

It’s a good thing Al, the basset hound is on his side.

Critical acclaim for THE COMEBACK:

“In The Comeback, Tom Schreck’s good-guy Duffy Dombrowski continues his journey of helping those who can’t help themselves. He even helps them after they’re dead. Readers who are addicted to Lee Child’s Jack Reacher protag will appreciate Duffy, who is tougher than the violent bad guys he faces down. A fun, muscular read.” —G. Miki Hayden, author of Writing the Mystery and Dry Bones, out in spring 2024

“Duffy Dombrowski, the hero of Tom Schreck’s The Comeback, is the kind of guy you can count on if your car breaks down at 3am, you need a last-minute sparring partner at the gym, or you’re a few dollars short for your next whiskey. I’m glad I got to hang out with him.” —Tim O’Mara, author of the Raymond Donne series and creator of “Murder in Halifax”

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