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She is unstoppable. She murders the elderly, seeing it as compassion against their suffering. The police can’t curb her ritualized, angel of mercy rampage and as every new victim falls, the distance between them and her increases. Then the killer is caught in the act by the young, pregnant wife of Norm Braden. There is no option but to murder her too. As a widowed Norm struggles to return to his family, to his new normal, he is joined in grief by his wife’s twin sister. But, the killer is also having a difficult time recovering from the startling break in her ritual. Killing Norm’s wife has affected everything.

So, one day she visits Norm, offering an olive branch. Maybe they can help each other move past it all. Their co-dependent, cat-and-mouse game begins. Revenge is within Norm’s grasp, but his religious beliefs force him to see the killer’s humanity despite her horrific shortfalls. The killer, a strange and exotic woman with a singular fixation on Norm, thinks she has found more than just the solution to her problems. She’s found her completion, her other half in Norm—if only she can replace the memory of his dead wife. If she can do that, she can continue murdering.

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