PEOPLE LIKE US by J.D. Rhoades


PEOPLE LIKE US by J.D. Rhoades, A Grifters Song #2 (February 2019)

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Longtime lovers and con artists Sam and Rachel sign on to help Sam’s old mentor, a legendary grifter known as Aunt Sally, pull off a scam that leverages the racist sentiments, gimlet-eyed avarice, and sleazy lust of an odious white supremacist college professor. But the couple has dragged their past behind them, and the Philly mobsters they ripped off not so long ago have set a relentless hunter with a head full of demons on their trail, with a mandate to inflict as much pain as possible before he puts the couple in the ground.

As they put the grift together, Sam and Rachel uncover secrets and surprises about Aunt Sally, her enigmatic partner William, and themselves.

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