HELL TO PAY by Andy Rausch


HELL TO PAY by Andy Rausch, A Diggy and Stick Crime Novel, 1st in series (March 2022)

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Dirty ex-cops Robert “Diggy” Diggs and Dwayne “Stick” Figgers have found themselves in hot water. After Kansas City drug lord Benny Cordella discovers they have wronged him, he devises an insane plan: he will force them to commit suicide. This, he believes, will send them to Hell, where they will track down Dread Corbin, the man who killed his daughter. Of course, Diggy and Stick don’t believe this is possible, but they will soon discover that Hell is real.

Diggy and Stick quickly find that Hell is quite different from the world they’re used to. It’s one giant, endless urban landscape populated by liars, cheats, and murderers—and those are the good ones. But Hell isn’t the pit of fire they expected. It’s dark and rainy around the clock, and almost everyone there is a member of one of many criminal organizations. Worst of all, there are no women. With the help of infamous Deadwood pimp and killer Al Swearengen, Diggy and Stick will hunt for sadistic, disfigured killer Corbin.

Hell to Pay: Diggy and Stick Book One is unlike any crime novel you’ve ever read before. It’s dark, dangerous, edgy, and laugh-out-loud hilarious. Buckle up for one hell of a ride!

Praise for Hell to Pay:

“I haven’t read all of Andy’s books, but I’ve read several, and I like that he writes whatever he likes. He’s got some damn good stuff.” —Joe R. Lansdale, author of Cold in July

“Rausch’s writing is like a serpent. It’s lean. It’s clever. It coils around you…and then it strikes. It’s glorious, but be warned—there is no anti-venom.” —Chris Miller, author of Dust

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