BLIND EYE by Marcus Pelegrimas


BLIND EYE, a Marker Thriller by Marcus Pelegrimas — 1st in series (February 2018)

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Being a bad guy isn’t just a way of life. It’s an art.

Eddie Ballard is a hitman who loves his job. He is also inexperienced and enjoys making the kind of noise that just isn’t professional. If Eddie wasn’t so good at what he does, he could be the next one put onto a slab.

Cecil Marzynski is a quiet, skinny man with eyes that have seen all there is to see in the St. Louis underworld. Cecil is also a hitman, but one that uses a vast network of contacts as his primary weapon. So many important people on both sides of the law owe him favors that some have taken to calling him Marker.

Eddie enjoys fast cars, loud guns and louder music.

Cecil has been circling the same woman for months, trying to find the perfect angle to approach her without tipping her off that he is wanted for murder in several states.

Eddie thinks he knows how to be a tough guy. Cecil has forced some of the toughest criminals to give up everything they held dear.

The figure at the top of St. Louis’s biggest organized crime syndicate is known as Pyotr The Greek. Pyotr is the only man with enough power to convince Cecil to take Eddie under his wing and teach him about what it means to be a true professional. Along the way, perhaps Eddie can show Marker a thing or two about savoring the good things in a bad life. Unfortunately for both of them, there is a new threat coming to town that might hit The Greek hard enough to topple his entire family.

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