DOWN & OUT: THE MAGAZINE VOLUME 2 ISSUE 2 edited by Rick Ollerman


DOWN & OUT: THE MAGAZINE VOLUME 2 ISSUE 2 edited by Rick Ollerman (December 2020)

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There are a number of noteworthy articles in this issue of The Magazine.

We are fortunate to feature some of the correspondence between two legends of crime fiction, Walter Satterthwait and Bill Crider, both of whom recently passed away. For those who knew Walter and Bill, or were just fans of their work, there is a touch of their personalities that comes through in these exchanges and, at least for a moment, gives us an opportunity to experience their unique voices just a little bit, just one more time.

Jeff Vorzimmer, editor of last year’s The Best of Manhunt collection, tells us about Stephen Marlowe’s career in the piece leading into his story The Blonde at the Wheel. Jeff also contributed a story of his own and we’re happy to have this opportunity to showcase his many skills.

We also have a couple of repeat appearances by writers who have appeared in previous issues. Arthur Klepchukov is back, as is John M. Floyd and John Shepphird. And with original stories by veterans like Josh Pachter and James O. Born, and newer offerings by Michael Cahlin, Steven Nester and Ken Luer, we’re showing the art of the crime fiction short story is still going strong. May it ever be so.

Contributors include: James O. Born, Michael Cahlin, John M. Floyd, Arthur Klepchukov & Kyle Stout, Ken Luer, Stephen Marlowe, Steven Nester, Rick Ollerman, Josh Pachter, Walter Satterthwait, John Shepphird, Don Stoll, and Jeff Vorzimmer.

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