WAKING UP THE DEVIL by Chris Miller (August 2023)

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Cade Samson has left his past behind as an enforcer for the local mob in rural East Texas. After promising his dying mother he would protect his younger brother from the world he was a part of, he went on a final, brutal spree, eliminating any competition for the Blackshear family. It was his ticket out, and for years now, he’s been laying low with his brother in peace.

But when Waylon Blackshear’s son Ash shows up at his house, putting a gun to his head and taking his little brother hostage, Cade is suddenly thrust back into the life, his mission to take out his old partner on the force whose about to turn state’s evidence against the family.

Left with no choice, he arms up, prepared for a double-cross he’s sure is coming, and does the job. With the Feds involved, it would be a suicide mission for anyone else. But the Devil knows how to roll his dice.

On the run from the police and the Blackshears after turning the tables on them, Cade sets in motion a plan to get his brother back and bring down all those who stand in his way of the peaceful life he’s come to appreciate. Heads will roll, lives will be cut short, and the Devil will have his due.

After all, when you dance with the Devil, you don’t get to pick the tune.

Critical Acclaim for WAKING UP THE DEVIL:

“Chris Miller is one of the best kept secrets in crime fiction. But he won’t be a secret anymore once readers get ahold of this masterful new offering.” —Andy Rausch, author of Hell To Pay

“A knuckleduster of a racing-against-the-clock thriller, with loads of balls to the wall action. Miller’s Cade Samson makes most tough-guy protagonists look as menacing as Dylan Mulvaney slurping on a Bud Light. To quote from the book: ‘Forget rock and roll; it’s time for heavy metal.’” —Michael Bruce Blackwell, author of Wildlife on the Serengeti

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