TWO SHRIMP TACOS AND A .22 RUGER by Adam Meyer, Guns + Tacos, Season Four Episode 22 (October 2022)

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If someone attacked the love of your life, how far would you go for payback?

Private investigator Coleman Perkins is the kind of man who tries to do the right thing. His years of committing petty crimes and being locked up in juvenile prison are over. These days, he does his best to help people like Burt Glaser, the ex-cop who took him under his wing and helped him get on the straight and narrow.

All Cole really wants is to do his job, find a good woman and start a family. It’s a life he might’ve had–except for Max Delaney.

Years ago, Delaney attacked Cole’s pregnant ex-girlfriend. After that, Cole lost the woman he loved. And he’s been dreaming of revenge ever since.

Now Delaney’s out of prison. Burning with rage, Cole makes a late-night visit to a very special taco truck, where he gets a .22 Ruger. That’s not a lot of firepower, but it should be more than enough to do what Cole has in mind–take down Delaney once and for all.

First, however, he’s got to find him. When Cole ties the ex-con to a robbery at a high-end department store, he’s got two choices: go back to his law-abiding life and forget about Max Delaney. Or make him pay for what he’s done.

Cole won’t walk away. He can’t, not after he starts looking into this new crime and meets the prime witness, a store clerk named Julia. She’s as beautiful as she is vulnerable, and for the first time in years, Cole finds some part of himself coming alive. Maybe it’s just desire. Or maybe it’s hope.

As Cole connects with Julia, he quickly finds himself falling for her, and dreaming of the life they could have together. All he has to do is take care of Max Delaney. But as Cole soon discovers, he may not be the only one looking for payback.

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