THE DOWN AND OUT by Lawrence Maddox


THE DOWN AND OUT by Lawrence Maddox, A Grifter’s Song, Season Three Episode 14 (February 2021)

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Sam and Rachel take on Hollywood, playing the same writer/producer team they did when they conned a movie star a couple years back. This time their mark is a shady MD with Tinsel Town dreams and dangerous associates who use the homeless for medical fraud.

While Rachel is stalked on a studio lot by a vengeful PI, Sam finds himself stranded on the streets without ID, money, or shoes.

It’s a beat-the-clock trek through the wilds of L.A. as Sam uses his street smarts to escape his pursuers. Can Sam get to Rachel in time, or will he end up another faceless victim among the down and out?

Praise for THE DOWN AND OUT:

“Up until I read this story I thought the best Hollywood scam was my own career. This one, however, is better written and the characters are way more likable. Lawrence captures all the fun of all the ‘inside Hollywood’ stuff while still finding new and fresh ways to craft a story that keeps you glued to the page. A fantastic read.” —Greg Garcia, creator of My Name is Earl, Raising Hope and The Guestbook

“Hard-boiled LA is alive and gritty and well in Lawrence Maddox’s The Down and Out. Conjures all the Chinatown, LA Confidential and Jim Thompson feels while delivering its own unique body blows. Two questions: When’s the next installment? And can I be in the film version?” —Garret Dillahunt, star of Deadwood, Justified, and Raising Hope

“Maddox delivers a smart, sexy caper that takes the reader on a heady ride through the cutthroat glitz of Tinseltown to the grimy back alleys of Skid Row. With dialogue that zings and a skilled, assured voice, The Down and Out is a fun slice of noir in this grifter’s series.” —Sarah M. Chen, author of the Anthony Award-nominated and IPPY Award-winning Cleaning Up Finn

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