THIRD DEGREE by Ross Klavan, Tim O’Mara and Charles Salzberg


THIRD DEGREE by Ross Klavan, Tim O’Mara and Charles Salzberg, 3 Authors, 3 Novellas (October 2020)

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Cut Loose All Those Who Drag You Down by Ross Klavan

The story of what turns out to be a very, very bad night. A crooked reporter who fronts for the mob and who’s been married eight times is minding his own business at home when he gets a sudden visit from his oldest friend, a disgraced and defrocked shrink. The man is in deep trouble. He needs a place to hide. The problem is, he refuses to admit to exactly what’s wrong and so there begins a heated, drunken, drug fueled discussion that runs through failed marriages, divorces, mistresses, murders, suicides, police raids that went wrong, meetings with strange women in the desert, a child with killing on his mind and more. When it’s finished, the answer to what’s wrong becomes horribly clear…and somebody is going to pay with his life.

Beaned by Tim O’Mara

Hours after successfully transporting smuggled maple syrup from Missouri to New York City, and picking up a truckload of maple-syrup related products for the return trip, Aggie and his new partners decide it’s more important to help take down a sex-trafficking ring based out of Manhattan. Taking care of business first—trading the maple-syrup products for high-end coffee beans and distributing the new cargo—Aggie takes off for The Big Apple. His mission: help take down the billionaire who’s funding the trafficking of under-aged children for the pleasure of other rich folks. His trip takes him to Manhattan’s toney Upper East Side to a final confrontation in the US Virgin Islands.

The Fifth Column by Charles Salzberg

Several months after the shock of Pearl Harbor thrusts America into the war, Jake Harper, a young Connecticut reporter, gets his dream job on a New York City Newspaper. Returning to the city of his birth, Jake meets a young boy who’s been bullied and savagely beaten in a schoolyard by a bunch of young toughs wearing Brown shirts and railing against Jews. Jake, who smells a possible story, suspects the resurgence of the German-American Bund on the Upper East Side. As he digs deeper, he begins to suspect that the supposedly disbanded Bund is alive and well and making plans to sabotage the American war effort.

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