THE BLACK CAR BUSINESS VOLUME 1 edited by Lawrence Kelter

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THE BLACK CAR BUSINESS VOLUME 1, edited by Lawrence Kelter (April 2018)

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The “black car” has appeared both conspicuously and inconspicuously throughout the annals of fiction—its presence both mysterious and menacing, its appearance enough to pause your heart.

It’s the sedan just within sight that seems to be mimicking your speed and movements as you walk down the dark deserted street late at night. As the hairs rise on the back of your neck you wonder, Who is behind the wheel and what is the driver’s intent? It’s The Black Car Business and its presence means your life is about to abruptly change. You try to assure yourself there’s nothing wrong, but your pace quickens nonetheless, and soon you’re running, desperate for that narrow sliver between two buildings to slip through, the one too narrow for the black car to pass through.

It’s that car parked just down the block that sends chills down your spine and keeps you awake throughout the night.

It’s the sanctuary you race toward when you’re being chased, only to explode when you turn the key.

It’s the one that skids off the icy mountain overpass and plunges into the cavernous grotto.

It’s where Clemenza garrotes Carlo just as he’s about to be driven to the airport.

It’s The Black Car Business.

Turn the pages as ten masters of the noir art befuddle and frighten you with their stories. We promise a read you’re sure to enjoy.

Contributors: Eric Beetner, J. Carson Black, Cheryl Bradshaw, Diane Capri, Jeffery Hess, Lawrence Kelter, Dana King, Allan Leverone, Simon Wood, and Vincent Zandri.

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1 review for THE BLACK CAR BUSINESS VOLUME 1 edited by Lawrence Kelter

  1. Yard Boy

    Classic black cars used as props by classy authors can only lead to shady business.

    Some of my favorite writers, often known for other genre, join forces with Lawrence Kelter in this joyride anthology. Their skill as pure writers keeps them on this collection’s common and sinister track. As you’re sucked into these short stories, you’ll grimace and groan at surprises around every corner. And like me, you’ll likely read with an adopted Brooklyn accent.

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