ABNORMAL MAN by Grant Jerkins


ABNORMAL MAN by Grant Jerkins — Published by ABC Group Documentation, an imprint of Down & Out Books (September 2016)

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FATE: Abused at home, a high school outcast destined for a dead-end job, Billy Smith longs to be free — and to indulge his love of setting fires.

CHOICE: One-legged ex-con Frank Dobbs suffers from severe rage disorder, but believes he can save himself by saving Billy.

CHAOS: Sexual predator Chandler Norris has a plan that pits fate and choice against the chaotic spiral of his malignant mind.

Chaos? Or fate? What brought you here? Were the choices yours, or did something outside of you conspire to bring you to this place? Because out in the woods, in a box buried in the ground, there is a little girl who has no hope of seeing the moon tonight. The moon has forsaken her. Because of you.

Editorial Reviews for ABNORMAL MAN …

“Grant’s fans will never forgive him.” — Penguin Group, Senior Executive Editor

“I’m afraid that I really didn’t like it. While it is certainly well-written, as are all of Grant’s books, I found it to be too dark and off-putting. There really isn’t anyone to “root” for and the subject matter is pretty distasteful. That being said, I would hate to end our publishing relationship with Grant at this point. For me, personally, and as a company as well, we are really committed to building Grant’s career.” — Penguin/Berkley (prior to ending their publishing relationship with the author)

“There is some dark magic in this one. I mean, really dark. Like whittle-my-bones-to-a-bloody-point dark. Jerkins calmly, unflinchingly goes about his business of crafting some troubled yet sympathetic characters who are in dire straits. That he manages to make these characters sympathetic, their problems understandable, is impressive and prompts the reader to consider the justice in violence. But despite the skill of its execution … I must pass.” — HarperCollins, Acquisitions Editor

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