STEALING PARADISE by Curtis Ippolito

STEALING PARADISE by Curtis Ippolito, A Grifter’s Song Episode 34 (August 2023)

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Sam and Rachel are taking a much-deserved break in America’s Finest City—San Diego. Staying at the legendary Hotel Del on Coronado Island, the couple hack their way into a free suite, swanky spas, and numerous other luxuries. But that’s where the scams cease.

Rachel has enacted a mantra of “observe but don’t act,” intended to allow Sam time to decompress and recover—and it’s working. But true to their nature, when a con too easy to pass up comes along, all other intentions are quickly discarded. Once a young businessman brags about increasing his net worth over the pandemic through the windfall of small business loans from the Federal government he had forgiven, the couple hatch a simple con to lighten his load some.

After some cozying up and planning an “investor presentation,” they seem poised to net an easy payday of six figures. The only hitch? A disgruntled former employer also has Sam and Rachel’s mark in his sights, unknown to them. Will his unwelcome presence not only kill the con but spell doom for them all?

“That fancy hotel over on Coronado suddenly got more interesting in Curtis Ippolito’s Stealing Paradise. What a sly and sexy snap of a story!” —Bestselling author Rachel Howzell Hall

“With Stealing Paradise, the Grifter’s Song series gets better and better. Curtis Ippolito delivers a lightning-fast tale of treachery and murder in paradise.” —Nick Kolakowski, author of Madam Tomahawk

Stealing Paradise is a perfect summer read: sandy beaches, ice cream cones, and conmen and conwomen doing their level best to screw over a deserving mark. A fast-paced bit of sun-bleached criminality.” —Tod Goldberg, bestselling author of The Low Desert

Stealing Paradise is a lightning bolt of greed, envy, and revenge across the idyllic azure skies of Coronado, California. Curtis Ippolito is a writer to watch and read and I’m doing both!” —Matt Coyle, Anthony, Shamus, and Lefty Award-winning author of the Rick Cahill novels


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