LIKE TO DIE by David Housewright


LIKE TO DIE by David Housewright, A Mac McKenzie Novel, 15th in series (May 2023)

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Once a police detective in St. Paul, Minnesota, Rushmore McKenzie has become an unlikely millionaire and an occasional unlicensed private investigator, doing favors for friends. The favor, this time, is for a friend of a friend—Erin Peterson, a local business person and owner of a growing food company called Salsa Girl. Someone seems to have a beef with her: the outside locks on her factory having been systematically filled with superglue. But for some reason, Erin doesn’t want to report this harassment to the police. As a favor to his poker buddy and hockey teammate Ian, McKenzie agrees to stop by and chat with Erin.

At first Erin denies there’s anything going on and then, when the harassment escalates and threatens her business, she also asks for McKenzie’s help. The further McKenzie digs into the situation, the more complicated—and deadly—it becomes. And somewhere, in the middle of it all, is Erin, playing all sides against the middle, leading McKenzie to wonder if you ever really know who your friends are.

Praise for Like To Die:

“This is the fifteenth in the series, and it’s just as fresh as the first. Housewright makes telling a cracking-good mystery look effortless, and that means fans are in store for another thoroughly enjoyable read.” —Booklist

“A fast-moving, dialogue-driven tale so effortlessly and irresistibly spun…” —Kirkus Reviews

“In this intriguing 15th novel… McKenzie proves an able protector of life, limb, and the deep dark secrets that…people want hidden in an entry sure to please old and new fans alike.” —Publisher’s Weekly

“Although this series has been described as noir, and Mac certainly gets beat up and shot periodically, there’s a wry vibe in these novels that offers humor along with a firecracker plot… Teaser: This story opens with six pages of guy talk during a poker game that is one of the funniest scenes you’ll read this season.” —St. Paul Pioneer Press

“There’s so much fun to be had in a David Housewright novel… Few think ‘Minnesota’ when they hear the phrase ‘neo-noir,’ yet by the last chapter with McKenzie, you’re a believer… Like To Die is satisfyingly twisty, meaty, and action-packed. Housewright takes just enough time to set his scenes—amps up the tension to just the right level—before bringing down the hammer. And, by the final page, all of the threads have been unknotted and tied into a gratifying bow.” —Criminal Element

“Award-winning Twin Cities author David Housewright delivers another charmer in his latest McKenzie light-crime franchise with Like To Die… As is his signature, Housewright strikes a tone that is light on crime and grit but loaded with lighthearted exploits and peppered with local references to keep us connected. A pleasure to read.” —Minneapolis Star Tribune

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