SCAR TISSUE by Jeffery Hess


SCAR TISSUE by Jeffery Hess (June 2022)

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A forty-year-old self-cutting workaholic abandons everything she knows for a stripper with a death wish. Both lives change, only one ends.

Scar Tissue is a psychological noir novel that stunningly brings to life a world others dare not dream of. This is a vivid and memorable portrayal of desire as seen through the eyes of two women with dark hearts and very different goals who cross paths at critical moments in their lives. The power of their hopes and despair, their weaknesses and strengths is a testament to the yearning that resides inside all of us.

Praise for Scar Tissue:

“This persuasive and dizzying novel grabs you and doesn’t let go. It is sexy, disturbing and relentless. What it says about human nature will keep you up at night. It’s also constantly entertaining and unnervingly passionate. Scar Tissue is amazing and weird in all the best ways.” —Fred Leebron, author of Six Figures, Out West, and Welcome to Christiania

Scar Tissue has all that we’ve come to expect from Jeff Hess’s crime fiction—sweat-soaked Florida settings, uncompromising authenticity, and wild plots with hairpin turns—but adds yet another layer of ground-in grit. Hess’s new protagonists, Dylan and Abby, are damaged goods—selfish, yet sympathetic, slick cons, but also lost souls—and, most importantly, complicated women who are written and treated by Hess as such. In his latest, Hess spills just as much blood as in his previous novels, but it’s in the scars still healing where the real story lies.” —Steph Post, author of Miraculum, Lightwood, Walk in the Fire, and Holding Smoke

“This gritty novel is the redheaded stepchild of Martyrs mated with Thelma and Louise—layers of darkness, vengeance, and chaos wrapped tightly together into a ball of sinuous fury.” —Richard Thomas, author of Disintegration and Breaker (Thriller Award nominee)

Scar Tissue is a relentless, twisty, tightly drawn novel about two women who can’t live together—or apart. Abby and Dylan’s nihilistic pursuit of connection and freedom will have you questioning what it means to be human. Simultaneously terrifying and hopeful, their story will stay with you long after you finish that last page.” —Wendy Tyson, author of A Dark Homage and Sowing Malice

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