WANNABE by M. Wallace Herron with Tim O’Mara


WANNABE by M. Wallace Herron with Tim O’Mara (May 2021)

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Mail carrier and aspiring writer Ezra Lockert is reclusive author Glen Dower’s “biggest fan.” Ezra realizes that the best way to become like his idol, he must become part of Glen’s life. Using his amateur sleuth skills, and his connections at the United States Post Office, Ezra tracks Glen down to the small town of Purgatory, Maine.

Through a series of clever tactics, Ezra gets himself assigned to Glen’s mail route. He not only joins the Purgatory community, he also becomes their most accomplished stalker. For weeks, Ezra watches Glen from the woods outside Glen’s house and studies his patterns and writing habits. After learning all he can, Ezra takes the next step and befriends Glen.

As the friendship grows, Ezra believes he can now take the next step toward becoming a writer. But he is about to get closer to Glen than he had even dreamed.

Praise for WANNABE:

“If Martin Scorcese’s King of Comedy and Stephen King’s Misery had a kid, it might look and read like M. Wallace Herron’s Wannabe. This funny, breezy, satiric take on idol worship, the publishing business, and the craft of writing will have you quickly turning the pages till you get to the surprising end, worthy of the best of Alfred Hitchcock.” —Charles Salzberg, Two-time Shamus Award nominee for Devil in the Hole and Second Story Man

“Herron’s Wannabe is a delightfully twisty and fascinating read. Watch out what you wish for indeed.” —Reed Farrel Coleman, New York Times bestselling author

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