FATBOY by Paul Heatley


FATBOY by Paul Heatley — Published by All Due Respect, an imprint of Down & Out Books (January 2018)

• Trade Paperback (ISBN-13: 978-1-946502-94-0) — $11.95 includes FREE digital formats!
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After his girlfriend leaves and takes their young son with her, Joey Hidalgo is left alone in the trailer they formerly called home with nothing to do but get drunk and contemplate her reasons. Is he really as angry, as volatile, so close to constant violence, as she claims he is?

No, Joey thinks, of course not, the real problem is money—or lack thereof. Joey’s a bartender, always struggling to make ends meet, unlike his most vile regular customer, the rich and racist fatboy. So Joey hatches a plan to get his family back by taking him for all he’s worth.

But the fatboy isn’t going to make it easy for them. Neither is Joey’s temper. Things are going to get messy, and it’s gonna be one hell of a long night.

Praise for FATBOY:

“Paul Heatley delivers a brutal, unflinching noir masterpiece.”—Greg Barth, author of the Selena series

“This book is what noir is meant to be: dark, gritty, and no shots at redemption.”—Derrick Horodyski, Out Of The Gutter Online

“A perfect example of small town noir worthy of Jim Thompson or Dave Zeltserman.” —Paul D. Brazill, author of Big City Blues

“Boasting great characterisation and pitch-perfect prose, Fatboy is a well-judged excursion into classic noir territory.” —Tom Leins, author of the Paignton Noir series

Fatboy is a fast, frenetic read from a writer at the top of his game.” — Gary Duncan, author of You’re Not Supposed to Cry

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