COMPLICATED SHADOWS by James D.F. Hannah, A Henry Malone Novel, 2nd in series (March 2021)

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The request is simple: help an old friend with a missing persons case. But Henry Malone should have known nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

When a friend and fellow ex-state trooper comes to Serenity to see Henry Malone, it’s not just to reunite with a former colleague. Pete Calhoun—now retired and with a P.I. license—needs Henry’s help to locate Isaac Martin, a computer expert who’s vanished at the cusp of a business deal worth millions.

Several lies and one dead body later, Henry is in the middle of a world of secrets, from Isaac Martin’s real identity to Pete’s motives to find the missing man. Henry and his well-armed friend and AA sponsor Woody are dragged into the realm of shadowy electronic currency, where the FBI, rival international criminal organizations, and a deadly family of marijuana farmers compete for the outcome, and Isaac is the ultimate prize.

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