BUFFALO AND SOUR MASH, a Crime Novel by Richard Godwin (October 2016)

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A crime novel about distorted love. A Western. A lyrical slice of the prairie, a frontier narrative. A noir novel about obsession and revenge, desire and predation. A look at one man’s grip on insanity and a story about female beauty and showmanship.

It was those wild eyes that did it to them every time. Every look as intense as a cobra stare, as if he was looking through the spider webbed surface of a broken window.

When the rodeo comes to Surrey, it brings with it a world of violence. Murphy Stubbs came out of Oklahoma with a smoking gun and rage in his heart. He also arrives in the UK with a dream. It is a dark dream of a female rodeo star. He intends to stamp it on the UK.

When he meets Rhonda she is the perfect fit for his plan, an actress in his drama. However, she is involved with the boxer Gary who does not trust Murphy. Then the hustler Mandy and fighter Hank arrive in town. And Hank is looking for someone, and he wants revenge.

Two worlds collide in an explosive piece of the Wild West, a novel with the image of the frontier running through it, a novel about the rodeo and what it means to Murphy, who is beyond obsessed. He will ensure the rodeo goes ahead and he starts to remove all obstacles in his path.

Only Rhonda can stop him, but while she holds the key to the past she needs to get closer to Murphy to find it and stop the violence.

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