MAKING HEARTS by Jack Getze (December 2020)

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Interrupting the Soria family’s holiday feast, childish teenager Emily requires the hospital emergency room for an apparent attack of appendicitis. But a blunt nurse explains the truth: Emily is giving birth. The seventeen-year-old has tricked her mind and body into believing she isn’t pregnant, when—in a rare but not unheard-of occurrence—the baby is full term and already being born.

A life-affirming, feel-good story of love, family and the special way new babies can inspire, Making Hearts introduces a character readers will strongly care about and root for. Noelle wins the hearts of all with her loving enthusiasm for life, her wit, and by personally defeating the villain’s lowdown scheme in an astonishing climax readers will never forget.


“Wow! I’ve never read a book like this! Totally engrossing, Making Hearts is an absolute tour de force. Jack Getze has done himself proud with this work. I’ve never read a story with an infant as the protagonist and more—an infant who acts proactively against formidable opponents with overpowering advantages and wins out. This is a book of supreme imagination, originality and most of all—heart. I am in complete awe of Getze’s talent displayed supremely in this work. This is the book the cliché—you gotta read this! —was invented for.” —Les Edgerton, author of The Genuine, Imitation, Plastic Kidnapping; Bomb; The Bitch and many others

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