A COUGAR’S KISS by Frank De Blase


A COUGAR’S KISS by Frank De Blase (July 2016)

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It’s 1960 and Frankie Valentine is doing just fine. The transplanted New York photographer is living it up in the Hollywood sunshine surrounded by beautiful women more than willing to dispose of their clothes and pose. He has no reason to go back east. That is, until the body of a childhood friend, who had disappeared in 1950, turns up. Valentine flies back home to lend his expertise as a crime scene photographer and help out a friend who’s in a jam. Instead he finds a compromised crime scene, a hidden stash of cash, and trouble. A Junkie stripper and her mother—a woman who ushered Valentine into manhood—a mob boss racked with jealousy and homicidal rage and assorted low-lifes all roll out the unwelcome mat. It’s all blood, money, sex and lies…sealed with a Cougar’s Kiss.

Praise for Frank De Blase…

“A fifties pulp-noir that has ex-crimescene turned girlie photographer, Frankie Valentine leaving Hollywood for a return to Rochester to ferret out whodunit. Mobsters, murder and plenty of femme fatales…what’s not to love.” —Steve Hodel, New York Times bestselling author of Black Dahlia Avenger: A Genius for Murder

“Frank De Blase writes with the world-weary wit and hardboiled grit of a literary veteran, but his natural talent for storytelling transcends mere nostalgia. The compelling immediacy of his charismatic voice carries the reader not down memory lane, but onward through a brilliantly realized alternate noir-verse that is vibrantly vivid and palpably pulpy, populated by colorful characters and drenched in retro-rich atmosphere.” —Will Viharo, author of the The Thrillville Pulp Fiction Collection and the Vic Valentine, Private Eye series

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