VIPER’S TAIL by Tom Crowley


VIPER’S TAIL by Tom Crowley (September 2013)

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The Coronavirus prediction?

Matt Chance, an ex US Army Ranger living in Bangkok, finds himself drafted into the middle of a deadly plot involving right wing Japanese fanatics intent on punishing China for grievances going back to the end of WW II and the loss of Japan’s prominent position as a global power.

A leading American research scientist, investigating a mysterious viral outbreak in China, is found dead in unusual circumstances in the Northern jungles of Thailand. Matt is recruited by the U.S. Center for Disease Control, fronting for the CIA, to look into the death. The trail points to the involvement of a Japanese yakuza gang who immediately threaten Matt. Though Matt’s initial suspicion is that the gang is involved in smuggling drugs, it becomes apparent that the substance they are dealing with is much more deadly. He continues to investigate and what he unravels is not only a threat to China but to the world.

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