BANGKOK GAMBLE by Tom Crowley, A Matt Chance Thriller, 3rd in series (November 2020)

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Kidnapping, international trafficking on the dark web, bit coin blackmail by gangster police states, loan sharks, and a monk obsessed with profit and power are all in the mix.

When Matt Chance is asked by a Bangkok gambling kingpin to investigate the kidnapping of his daughter he’s not interested. That is until he learns that his mentor, former Special Forces soldier John Scales, already on the case, has disappeared. On the trail, Matt confronts Jade Lee, an ex-US Army chopper pilot who joins the chase.

Their attempt to rescue the girl and capture the monk in charge of the criminal cult appears to be a failure until the CIA joins the picture in the form of Matt’s older brother Rick. Offered the chance to take part in a covert operation in Macau, where the monk has fled, Matt and Jade agree to go. The risk is great, the territory unknown, but it seems the only way to rescue the girls and get the mad monk.

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