A SEMBLANCE OF CONTROL by Mark T. Conard (June 2023)

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One night, helping out a friend, Jake Micallef does a little breaking-and-entering and stumbles upon a plot to assassinate his estranged brother, who just happens to be the Mayor of New York City.

As Jake wrestles with that bombshell, another one walks straight into his life: Marcie Yates. Marcie eerily resembles Jake’s old girlfriend, the woman who helped his brother tear his world apart. Jake desperately latches onto Marcie, hoping she can fix his shattered life, and allow him to let go of all that hate and forgive his brother.

But when thugs kidnap Marcie to keep Jake from interfering in the assassination plot, he has no choice but to track down the conspirators, only to discover he’s fallen right into their trap. In the end, Jake must risk everything to save Marcie and stop the bullet headed for his brother.

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