FORCED PERSPECTIVE by Colin Campbell, A Grant & McNulty Thriller, 1st in series (December 2021)

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“These aren’t actors we’re looking for. It’s mug shots not auditions.”
McNulty tried not to sound impatient. “It’s local extras. Head and shoulders to see what they look like. If you’re casting cowboys you don’t want to be hiring Indians.”
The producer wasn’t appeased. “The reservation’s just over the hill. Indians is what we’re gonna to get. And I don’t want to get scalped.”
“Larry. As long as I’ve known you, you’re the one does the scalping.”

Palm Springs, California

Jim Grant enlists Vince McNulty’s help with a sting operation where wanted criminals are invited to audition as extras in a Titanic Productions movie. The plan is almost derailed when McNulty and Grant can’t resist protecting a hotel receptionist from an angry biker but the plan goes off without a hitch. Almost without a hitch. Mission successful. Except the Palm Springs sting is a dry run for the main person Grant wants to arrest; a crime lord movie buff in Loveland, Colorado. And the angry biker and the worst snow in decades mean that this time there will be blood and death and a very big hitch.

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